Category: Flash Components


AS3 XML Flash Banner Rotator with Thumbnails

The AS3 XML Banner Rotator with Thumbnails can easily be added to your existing HTML site or Flash Template. It includes many XML options and transition types, as well as amazing sliced image animations.


XML Flash MP3 Player

This XML Flash MP3 Player is very easy to set up thanks to its XML configuration. You can quickly add this player to any HTML page, or load it inside a flash template. Supports unlimited number of songs, add song artist and title.


Flash MP3 Player with Spectrum Analyser

The Flash MP3 Player with Spectrum Analyser uses the latest Flash technology to read and display the sound spectrum at run time. The player has a tiles background and you can easily add as many songs as you want, as well as the artist name and song title. Control panel includes play, pause and stop buttons, as well as previous/next song, volume control and time display.


XML Flash News Reader

This Flash News Reader can be used either on a HTML page or inside your flash template. Easy to set up, you can add as many news as you want simply by editing the XML file. All the text is HTML formatted and supports special characters.


XML Flash Banner Rotator V.2

This new file is an extended version of our previous Flash Banner Rotator. Supports unlimited number of images and swf files with control panel. This file also includes 6 different transitions you can choose from for each slide. In addition you can now add a description for each of your images, as well as change all colours simply by editing the xml file.


XML Flash Banner Rotator

This simple Flash Banner Rotator supports unlimited number of images with control panel.

It includes 6 different transitions for you to choose from, or you can simply set the transitions to random.


XML Driven Staff Viewer

This XML Staff Viewer is a great little application to quickly show the members of your staff, but can be used for many purposes. It is fully xml driven and very easy to set up in minutes, whether it is on your HTML site or imported into a Flash Template. This app supporst unlimited number of items with motion blur navigation.