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AS3 XML Flash Banner Rotator with Thumbnails

The AS3 XML Banner Rotator with Thumbnails can easily be added to your existing HTML site or Flash Template. It includes many XML options and transition types, as well as amazing sliced image animations.

FotoFolio AS3 XML Image Gallery Portfolio w/ DeepLinking

FotoFolio – AS3 XML Image Gallery Portfolio w/ DeepLinking

This elegant photo portfolio is ideal to showcase your photography artwork. It uses SWFAddress Deeplinking technology for improved SEO, so each image has its own url which can be bookmarked or shared.


DreamViewer – Fullscreen XML Media Gallery w/ DeepLinking

This Fullscreen Flash Media Gallery can load any image file as well as SWF files. It can be used to quickly set up a photo album to show your family and friends, show your photographic portfolio to potential buyers or employers, or even use it for in-house slide presentations thanks to its advanced control panel and keyboard shortcuts.


3D Flash Carousel Gallery

This 3D Flash Carousel Gallery is the perfect way to showcase a bunch of images quickly while at the same time impressing your visitors. This gallery is fully xml driven and you can add as many images as you want, it supports all image formats such as JPG, PNG and GIF, but also SWF files.


Elite 3D Carousel Flash Portfolio

This 3D Carousel Gallery can be used a a simple gallery with multiple categories or even as a showcase of your portfolio. It includes unlimited number of galleries with unlimited number of images, as well as an About page and Contact page.


XML Flash Banner Rotator V.2

This new file is an extended version of our previous Flash Banner Rotator. Supports unlimited number of images and swf files with control panel. This file also includes 6 different transitions you can choose from for each slide. In addition you can now add a description for each of your images, as well as change all colours simply by editing the xml file.


XML Flash Banner Rotator

This simple Flash Banner Rotator supports unlimited number of images with control panel.

It includes 6 different transitions for you to choose from, or you can simply set the transitions to random.