Flash PayPal Shopping Cart with Video

The Flash PayPal Shopping Cart V.2 has many new options, including 2 drop down menus, multiple image previews per item, zoomed preview with lightbox and even video!


  1. Embed into your HTML page, simply copy and paste the code in the provided preview HTML file.
  2. All in one clip, drag and drop into your flash project.
  3. Load dynamically, the code will not interfere with your swf holder.
  4. XML file is UTF-8 Encoded to allow for special characters

XML Driven: 100% of the content is xml driven!

  1. Paypal email address
  2. Currency code
  3. Currency sign to be displayed in the shop (e.g. $, £, € etc…)
  4. All text labels for buttons and text fields such as “Add to Cart”, “View Cart”, “Price:” etc…
  5. Header image and header title – Header title can be positioned via xml and is HTML formated
  6. Default video volume level
  7. All colors


  1. Add your own header image and HTML formated header title imported from xml. You can position the header text anywhere on the header via xml.
  2. Unlimited number of categories and unlimited number of items per categories.
  3. Thumbnail for each item with motion blur navigation.
  4. Unlimited number of preview images per item, numbered buttons will appear automatically (although practically limited to the application’s layout, up to 10 should be fine).
  5. Full size image preview – Unlimited number of large images.
  6. Video preview enabled – Only one video preview per item – Image and video preview can be mixed inside the same category, as in the preview “Mixed” category.
  7. All colors can be changed via the xml. Think about it as a color scheme: there are 8 different colors you can change in the xml, these colors will be dispatched in a balanced way, for example, you can set 1 color for all your buttons backgrounds throughout the application.
  8. Dynamic dropdown menus: each item can have a different set of dropdown options, with different dropdown titles and options. Unlimited number of options per dropdown (practically limited to the application dimensions and layout) – You can either have one, two or no dropdowns at all, for each item. Error message will show if an option has not been chosen when adding to cart (message xml driven).
  9. HTML formated description text for each item – Mousewheel enabled scrollbar will appear when text is longer that the viewing area.
  10. XML file path set-up with Flashvars, which means you can change the xml file path in the HTML document, no need to get into flash ever!

Advanced Paypal cart

  1. Unlimited number of items in cart, mousewheel enabled scrollbar will appear in the cart.
  2. All item options displayed in cart for review.
  3. Increase/decrease numbers for each item in cart.
  4. All item’s options sent to Paypal.
  5. Easily set up Instant Payment Notification options directly in your paypal account, view details here:
  6. Allow customers to pay with credit cards if they don’t have a paypal account, view details here:


- Please note that due to Flashden policy, the images and videos used in this preview are not provided in the download files and are only for preview purposes. However they are all replaced by place holders, so it will still be easy for you to find your way around and add your own assets.

Special thanks:

  1. Thanks to Plamencvetanov for his great intro video, you can purchase it on his account.
  2. Thanks to Matt (MSFX) for his cool skatebording video.
  3. Thanks to bplus1 for his stunning video with which he won the music asset competition.

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