FotoFolio AS3 XML Image Gallery Portfolio w/ DeepLinking

FotoFolio – AS3 XML Image Gallery Portfolio w/ DeepLinking

This elegant photo portfolio is ideal to showcase your photography artwork. It uses SWFAddress Deeplinking technology for improved SEO, so each image has its own url which can be bookmarked or shared.


  1. Fully XML Driven, no need to ever get into Flash.
  2. 2 level SWFAddress Deeplinking, each image is linkable.
  3. All text can be HTML formatted.
  4. Change all colors in XML.
  5. Optional music can be turned off in XML – Change default volume level and track path in XML.
  6. Change logo path and default page title in XML.
  7. Add your own HTML formatted about text for the footer in XML.
  8. Unlimited number of categories and images with HTML formatted title and description.
  9. Add your own social icons via XML.
  10. Resizable layout for best experience on any screen resolution – The gallery is also swffit enabled, you can easily change the swffit default values in the html file.

Credits & Notes

  1. Note: The music track is not included in the download files and is for preview purposes only, an alternative sound track is provided however.
  2. Thanks to Leto for the preview sound track, you can purchase it here.
  3. Thanks to for the free images
  4. Thanks to for the social icons. The icons from the preview are included in the download, you can get more icons by visiting their site.

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