DreamViewer – Fullscreen XML Media Gallery w/ DeepLinking

This Fullscreen Flash Media Gallery can load any image file as well as SWF files. It can be used to quickly set up a photo album to show your family and friends, show your photographic portfolio to potential buyers or employers, or even use it for in-house slide presentations thanks to its advanced control panel and keyboard shortcuts.


3D Flash Carousel Gallery

This 3D Flash Carousel Gallery is the perfect way to showcase a bunch of images quickly while at the same time impressing your visitors. This gallery is fully xml driven and you can add as many images as you want, it supports all image formats such as JPG, PNG and GIF, but also SWF files.


XML Flash Mini Shop

This XML Flash Shop is the perfect way to add a one-stop ordering area to any page, whether it is an HTML page or inside a Flash Template. Fully XML Driven, just add your PayPal ID in the XML file, update your items and you are ready to go.


AS3 FlashVars Video Player (FLV+H.264)

This AS3 Video Player supports playback for FLV files as well as all H.264 encoded video formats such as MP4 and MOV. All parameters are set directly into the embed code (No XML), allowing for a very quick set-up, as well as multiple instances on the same page.


Elite 3D Carousel Flash Portfolio

This 3D Carousel Gallery can be used a a simple gallery with multiple categories or even as a showcase of your portfolio. It includes unlimited number of galleries with unlimited number of images, as well as an About page and Contact page.


XML Flash PayPal Shop

With over 200 sales so far, this is our most popular Flash PayPal Shop. You won’t need to ever get into flash and it will take you minutes to set this flash shop and start selling! Including unlimited number of categories and items, simply update the xml file with your PayPal ID, choose your currency and you’re good to go.


Flash USA Map V.3

The Flash USA Map V.3 includes an HTML text box for each state. Easily update the HTML formatted text content for each in the xml file. Embed this map into your existing HTML page or even load it onto a flash template.


Flash USA Map V.2

The Flash USA Map V.2 includes our smart tooltip that never goes off stage. All states are included and you can easily change all parameters in a matter of minutes. Embed this map into your existing HTML page or even load it onto a flash template.


PayPal Video Shopping Cart

This extended version of our popular Flash Shopping Cart is specifically adapted for products with video previews such as movies or tutorials. It supports FLV files as well as all H.264 encoded video formats, and can be easily set up thanks to its XML configuration.


Flash World Map

The Flash World Map includes 211 countries of the world. You can easily navigate through the map using the control panel and/or mouse wheel for zooming in and out. Each country has its own HTML formatted text content. Each country can have its own color if you want. You can easily embed this map into any HTML page or flash template.

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